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Upper Kabete High school is a mixed day school located in Muthiga that offers quality education to students from for 1-4.


Our school offers a rigorous curriculum punctuated with fun and games to give the child all round growth.

Meet our staff

Staff members at the school are highly trained and motivated to to impart knowledge and guidance to our pupils.

Principal's Message


Mr. Jorum Muturi — Founder & CEO.

We offer the Kenya National Curriculum but deliver it using a unique learning approach which prepares students to be globally competitive innovators and leaders in the 21st century

Education at Upper Kabete High School will empower your child to drive their future through meaningful, valuable, engaging and collaborative learning experiences. Classes are hands-on, interactive and student-centred, which means that the teacher guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem

Each student is given individual attention to ensure that their unique talents and abilities are being uncovered and strengthened. Visit Us and experience the warmth that is Upper Kabete High School


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